Did you know?

Teens who start drinking at ages 15 or 16 are six times more likely to become alcohol dependent than adults who started drinking after age 21.

1 in 4 car crashes with teenagers involve an underage drunk driver

Teen drinking kills about 4,300 people each year  – more than all illegal drugs combined.

One-third of all teen deaths involving alcohol are a result of underage drinking.

Many youth do not believe cannabis impairs driving ability

What can you do?

– Share real stories involving underage drinking/impaired driving.

-Kristin Mallory’s Story of being involved in a drunk driving crash in Chesterfield. Made by Malory’s Movement Against Drunk Driving, YOVASO and the VA State Police ( 9:30 minutes long)

-MADD Volunteer Debbie Sausville tells the story of her 16 yr old daughter Lauren who died in an impaired driving crash. (19:30 minutes long)

– Host a class room discussion where students debate about underage drinking.

– Set up role play scenarios with real life situations that teens can be or have been in.

– Incorporate a link to the teen booklet and/or parent handbook(s) in an email distribution list of parents or students in conjunction with your activities.


Resources for Parents and Adults

  Handbooks, Topical Guides and Videos

  Myths and Facts About the 21 minimum drinking age

Resources for Youth

Power of Youth Teen Handbook

Power of Youth Resources free online

Teen Tips for Saying No

Myths vs Facts brochure for teens

MADD’s Power of Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Presentation is available via Zoom- FREE and on demand

Based on the Power of Youth handbook, this 40 min presentation covers why underage drinking and cannabis use is bad for teen brains, consequences, peer pressure and protecting themselves and their friends.

Email cristi.cousins@madd.org or call 804-353-7121 x 5153