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Shakira Williams

RAYSAC Executive Director, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

“This is not an easy job. But, at the end of the day if we can positively influence youth and young adults to live their best lives without succumbing to drug addiction; it is worth it”


Jim O'Hare

RAYSAC Board Chair, Youth Care Administrator at Youth Haven

Dee Sheffer

RAYSAC Board Interim Vice-Chair, RAYSAC Treasurer

“At each stage of my life, people I care about have struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. The toll is too costly to sit by and do nothing.”

Laura Wade

RAYSAC Board Secretary, Certified Facilitator and Mentor, The Passion Test Speaker and Writer, Owner of Thrive by Heart

“It’s important to me to create awareness and provide education around substance use disorder to our community. I didn’t really understand how our children and young adults were becoming addicted to substances or how it affects their brains until I became involved with RAYSAC. This issue affects our whole community and it takes everyone pulling together to create solutions around prevention and recovery so I value RAYSAC’s work in collaborating with various organizations to help people.

sandra pratt

Sandra Pratt

RAYSAC Board Liaison, mpiTOO Business Development

“I want to start my quote with my favorite quote by Anne Frank: [How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world] – I know that the work I am doing with RAYSAC moment by moment is improving our world here in the Roanoke Valley for our youth and our community.”


Lynn McDowell

RAYSAC Board Member

Prevention & Wellness Services Director, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

Our youth are our future. We must invest in them and in the communities in which they live.   RAYSAC strives to support both and I am happy to be a part of this good work.


Cassie Raymond

RAYSAC Support Staff, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

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