To reduce substance abuse among youth in the Roanoke Valley by enhancing and improving the coordination of substance abuse education, prevention, partnerships, and resources.


RAYSAC promotes a safe and drug-free community in which all youth are valued and supported in living a drug-free lifestyle. RAYSAC further envisions a community in which all adults have the tools necessary to adequately support, nurture, and prepare the next generation to be healthy, happy, and productive.


1. To reduce the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs by youth and adults.

2. To reduce the underage use and abuse of alcohol through education of youth, parents and the community as well as through local and state policy change.

3. To increase community collaboration around issues important to our youth and Roanoke Valley and continually educate about current drug trends and best practices.

Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition

RAYSAC is a group of concerned citizens striving to keep the youth and young adults of the Roanoke Valley informed, educated and aware so that they can make healthy decisions surrounding alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

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Address: P.O. Box 13543, Roanoke, VA 24035  |  Phone: 540.982.1427  |  Email: raysacorg@gmail.com