Today’s guest post is written by Gemma B., a high school student here in the Roanoke Valley who wants to encourage other teens to find their natural high.


A natural high is finding joy in performing activities you feel passionately about without the use of drugs or alcohol.  When participating in an activity you enjoy, dopamine is released in your brain, a natural chemical which increases your happiness and benefits your overall mental health.  Personally, my natural high comes from playing soccer.  Playing soccer provides me with a way to forget about the stresses of school and focus on something that pushes me to become the best version of myself.  Through playing soccer I have not only gained physical strength, but mental strength too.  By working relentlessly to reach my goals I have learned that hard work pays off.  As a result, I have gained a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

However, not everyone’s natural high comes from playing a sport.  For example, you may find hobbies such as skateboarding or photography to be your natural high.  Additionally, do not be discouraged if at first it is difficult to find the activity that clicks for you.  Try stepping out of your comfort zone and experience something new; you may be surprised at the overwhelming benefits to follow.