Fun and Alcohol-Free Party Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to help your teen celebrate with friends, you’ve come to the right place! We have accumulated some great ideas and links for planning a celebration that will be safe, alcohol-free and, most importantly, FUN.

Party Themes

  • Potluck party. Everyone brings a dish for a buffet-style feast. You can provide a main dish (fried chicken or pizza, for example) and let the kids bring their favorite side dish or desert.
  • Costume party. Why save all the costume fun for Halloween? Have a contest for holiday-themed costumes (Best Dressed, Most Creative, Tackiest Outfit, etc.) and provide inexpensive gifts as prizes.
  • Treasure Hunt party. Plan a treasure hunt for the teens to follow at the local mall or shopping center.
  • Game night. Everyone brings a different kind of game then spends the night playing each one.
  • White Elephant gift exchange.  This is a fun way for guests to get rid of items they don’t want. Rules and ideas for a White Elephant gift exchange can be found here.
  • Pool party. If it’s winter time, use the indoor pool at a local recreation center or hotel for a nice escape from the cold weather. Fun pool party games for teens can be found here.
  • Blacklight party. Guests wear neon or white clothing and you change the normal light bulbs in the room to blacklight light bulbs. Here’s a site with tips for organizing a blacklight party.
  • Mystery party. Sites like this one provide all you need to produce a fun “Whodunit” with your guests.
  • Karoake party. Music, singing and loads of fun! Check out this site for karoake party ideas.
  • Movie night. Everyone loves a movie marathon with popcorn and candy.  You don’t need to have the largest TV on the block to make it  a great viewing.  Most libraries have projectors for people to borrow, so a computer and a sheet hung on the wall (for the “screen”) are all you need! Make it even more interesting by showing several movies with a theme (80’s, science fiction, Star Wars, romantic comedies, Adam Sandler movies, etc) and encouraging guests to wear clothing matching the theme.


Just because there’s no alcohol doesn’t mean your guests must be limited to sodas and bottled water. Here are some links for “mocktail” recipes that are so delicious, the alcohol won’t be missed!

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