National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week


This week, January 25 – January 31, 2016, is National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week.  National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week is a national health observance for teens to promote local events that use scientific information to shatter the myths about drugs. Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare Prevention Services, in collaboration with RAYSAC, are working together with our communities to bring about awareness about the danger and health risks involved with risky behaviors.

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week takes place January 25 – January 31, 2016. It was launched by NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) in 2010 to counteract the myths that teens often hear from the Internet, TV, movies, music or friends.  NIAAA (The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) became a partner in 2016 and alcohol has been added as a topic area for the week. NIDA and NIAAA are part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Nationwide, about 1/3 of high school seniors report using an illicit drug sometime in the past year, about 5% of seniors report nonmedical use of potentially addictive prescription painkillers and more than 20% report smoking marijuana in the past month. Many teens are not aware of the risks to their health and success in school and the dangers while driving under the influence. When teens are given the scientific facts about drugs, they can be better prepared to make good decisions for themselves and they can share this information with others.  For more information, visit